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Lyndon Johnson's Lonely Hearts Club Band


I couldn't help but pick this up, just for the cover and concept alone, but I've actually gathered a small collection of Earle Doud's records. His album 'The First Family' was a seven million unit seller, and it still shows up in collections I've bought. It parodied the JFK administration, and it's follow-up album was withdrawn shortly after it was released in 1963. This album obviously dates a little later, and it's basically edited interviews with Lyndon Johnson, Ronald Reagan, Robert Kennedy, Humphrey, Nixon and Goldwater. The Robert Kennedy piece also suffers from tragically bad timing. I think that the era of great political comedy didn't really make it into the 1980s, and that the era from JFK through Carter was full of political fodder. I wouldn't call the tired and un-funny crud the Capitol Steps have released comedy, and while the W era gave us a volume or two of Bush-isms, it's hard to laugh at the recent disasters in history his administration has tortured us with. Even Will Ferrell's recent HBO special of Bush humor was impossible for me to sit through. I guess it might have been the same if I were politically aware in the late 1960s, but tragedy and time do equal humor, even if I have only vague memories of this time. None of it made me laugh out loud, but it was certainly interesting hearing this cut-up method used in front of a live audience. The tie-in with the Beatles title is purely a cash-in attempt at a youth cross-over, and no Beatles tunes were harmed in its making, but the cover parody is pretty cool. As a historical document, it is an interesting curio, but it's not something I'm likely to listen to very often.
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